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Friday, December 4, 2009

USA leagues Patch - Fifa 10

I made sort of a beta version of all the USA leagues patch for Fifa 10

It includes:
USL 1 and 2
PDL - Some teams
USASA - Some teams

USL 1 polished up. New adboards by Roberto001 and myself. I still have to make adjustments to the kit numbers for USL 2, PDL, and USASA. U.S. Open cup is expanded. Superliga is included. Kits are not totally updated, even 08 kits are still there for the lower leagues. But it's still fun to play. There is no missing shoes for any players and USL 1 faces were confirmed correct for 98% of the players.

Must install all parts of patch for it to work correctly. Don't forget the hidden leagues. They are needed for the U.S Open cup to work correctly.