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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

USL 2009 Roster Update for Fifa 09 - Imfoust Update

Well, I guess here it is for the two people that care. My update to Donovanfan's USL Rosters patch

What I did:
This updates rosters for all USL1 and USL2 clubs. Very little player rating adjustments happened. Rosters should be 98% accurate because many teams in USL1 and MLS have loaned out players multiple times and it ticked me off.

My CM's assistant manager may have screwed with formations a bit. Every team has a valid lineup and such, but you may want to switch some bench and starters if you want. Also, make sure you have all "Generic banners" boxes clicked on necessary clubs. With the original patch some of them were not clicked. Also, I should have fixed all those players that had missing shoe textures from the original. Notice any? fix them or let me know. Also both leagues are no longer pro/rel (just in case you decide to get right to manager mode or something?) I could add it in the next one if needed.

Also very little has been done kit wise. I made kits for a different patch I may make and they are not accurate so I kept the original patch kits intact. Thankfully, I know enough Photoshop and CM had some stuff) that allowed me to do a couple things:

-Austin kits are in (Never saw a pic of the away kit, so I based one off some research + a wild guess)
-Created both kits for Carolina (same as above with the away kit)
-Created kits for Cleveland City and Minnesota b/c they are the same (they are painfully close, but not perfect). I kept the Portland kits the same, but just realized that they use the FC Nike template now as well. Oh well. (This ended up being much harder to figure out than I thought, I'm still not happy with it)
-Added a decent attempt with the new Rochester away kit (I think I botched the sponsor logo)

USL 2 was the hardest because these teams don't have much info on players and new kits (the number of old pics from last season or later GOT ON MY NERVES). So this is what I did with kits
-Added sponsor logo to original Wilmington kits
-Updated designs for Western Mass, Richmond, *ittsburgh, Real Maryland, and Harrisburg

B/c the person I asked permission to use his minis hasn't gotten back to me, I used the picture app in CM09 for most minikits with the release.

If you have any major issues let me know. If you just don't like how a player is rated, it's not my fault b/c nobody helped with research, so I went on the best player info I could find.

Please let know what you think and enjoy it...finally.

Author: donovanfan3456, imfoust
Game: Fifa 09
Format: PC, you need Creation Master 09 to install it.
Size: 7 MB


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