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Friday, December 28, 2007

El Salvador CMP - Fifa 08

El Salvador National Team

Author:  Samuel Juárez
Game: Fifa 08 (free471747)File by


El Salvador CMP Mega Patch 1.3 - Fifa 08

- the Primera División with the 10 official teams, logos, kits, minikits and updated rosters to 16/12/2007
- the apertura and clausura tournaments with the playoffs
- generic Salvadorian adboards.
- some flags for the biggest two teams -FAS and Aguila-
- El Salvadorian national team *with a fantasy Adidas Kit*
To install it, load the .CMP with Creation Master 08.
If doesn't work in your game, please create generic teams with ID's from 120010 to 120021 and then load the patch again.
After the installation, please rebuild your FIFA.FAT and .BH -strongly necessary-
Author:  Samuel Juárez
Game: Fifa 08
Size: 4.76 Mb
Download Here at Bigupload or FileFront.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Costa Rica CMP - Fifa 08

Monday, December 10, 2007

Canada CMP - Fifa 08

Here's the release of the first CMP for Fifa 08! It's the Canadian National Team! Enjoy this little patch created by donovanfan3456. Download it from Bigupload or FileFront.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jamaica CMP - Fifa 08

Here's the national team for Jamaica in CMP format for Fifa 08. Enjoy!  Download from Bigupload or FileFront.


Rosters: mrloadin

Graphics/Kits: donovanfan3456

Game: Fifa 08 (Jamaica CMP - Fifa 08)File by



Jamaica Kits - Fifa 08

Author: donovanfan3456
Game: Fifa 08